The quality of survival, to the credibility of development!

The company has been researching and researching in the waterproof and breathable membrane industry for many years, and exclusively represents the authentic American brand breathable membrane; and has the “Chuangcheng” self-owned brand breathable membrane. It has been tested by TUV, SGS, CTI, Intertek, National Quality Inspection Bureau and other domestic and foreign authoritative testing institutions. Test, the products in the TUV, IEC, ISO, GB, GBT, ASTM authoritative standards are very good performance, has surpassed internationally renowned brands in some key indicators data; after the product launch, it has been well received by domestic and foreign customers.

Ideal realm, core values and value orientation

The ideal state: catching up with the world of waterproof and breathable industry.

Core values: Users first, customer needs are always the driving force for us.

Value orientation: People's value is higher than the value of things - high-quality products are created by high-quality talent.

Entrepreneurial spirit and work style

Integrity: Be honest, do not do virtual things, really.

Dedication: If you have already entered this line, you will be the ultimate in professionalism.

Innovation: Don't take the experience accumulated in the past as a burden, constantly challenge yourself, and be good at accepting new things.

Beyond: Constantly set new benchmarks and then go beyond.

Business philosophy

Our business philosophy guides companies to take the right path and do the right thing.

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