ePTFE vent membrane application in the chemical industry

Creherit 2018-09-20

The production process of modern chemical industry involves highly corrosive fluids. In some reaction and separation processes and material transportation, high temperature, organic solvents and corrosive media (strong acid or alkali) coexist simultaneously. Traditional pipelines, valves and other equipment contacting these media have to choose good corrosion resistance. Alloy materials. With the continuous progress of PTFE manufacturing and processing technology, especially the substantial increase in output and the decrease in cost, fluoropolymer based on PTFE as lining equipment and pipelines has replaced and will replace more valuable alloy materials. Using fluorine resin lining equipment may not be cheap at the beginning of project construction, but long service life can reduce unplanned shutdown due to equipment reasons and improve the competitiveness of fluorine resin lining equipment. Moreover, the product can reduce the pollution caused by metal corrosion and produce impurities, which is conducive to improving the purity of products. 

 One of the main applications of fluoropolymer in chemical industry is to prevent chemical corrosion, that is, lining and surface coating of pipes, containers and other auxiliary equipment. Here the base material is often carbon steel or other fiberglass reinforced plastics (FRP), which can complement each other by using fluoropolymer in this way. Using these cheap and mechanical strength materials as structural materials, fluoropolymer lining can meet the needs of harsh environment. Even under some working conditions, other materials can not be accepted. Only fluorine resins such as PTFE can be competent. Fluoropolymer is also used in some accessories which are not absolutely consumable but play an important role, including dynamic sealing fillers and products - waterproof breathable plugs, static sealing gaskets - waterproof breathable gaskets, as well as some smaller parts which need chemical corrosion resistance on all surfaces, etc.


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