Creherit Waterproof IP 67 Acoustic Vent

Technical Parameters

Product Name :Acoustic Vent 
Transmission Loss 3000Hz:<2dB
Airflow: >1200ml/min/cm²@70 mbar
IP Rate:IP67
Acoustic Vent Features:Waterproof
Acoustic Vent MaterialePTFE
Acoustic Vent ColorBlack
Backing Material:PP
Backing Color:White
Adhesive Material:Crylic acid

Design & size


Use advantage


Technical Solution


Protection & application


Installation & instructions

How to install waterproof breathable vent membrane:

- ensure waterproof, breathable products and shell temperatures above 10 C.

- Use waterproof and breathable products, wear gloves or use round-headed tweezers to avoid direct contact with sharp objects waterproof and breathable products.

- the installation surfaces shall be clean, oil-free, particulate and other contaminants.

Waterproof and breathable products should be installed on flat, vertical surfaces so that liquids or other pollutants do not accumulate.

When using the automatic installation machine, please follow the instructions of the machine.

For manually installed products, roll the release paper under the waterproof and breathable product until the product is peeled off from the release paper to a state of easy pickup.

Try to avoid prying products or folding products from the release paper, or they may damage the product.

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