Creherit ¢7.8 Waterproof Blue Automotive Vent

Technical Parameters

IP Rate:IP68
Vent Membrane Material:ePTFE
Vent Membrane Features:Waterproof,Dustproof,Breathable
Body Material:TPE

Design & size


Use advantage


1. After 30 minutes of lighting, the humidity of unused waterproof breathable cap is 98%, and that of used waterproof breathable cap is 82%.

2. After turning out the light, after 35 minutes, the humidity of the non-used waterproof breathable cap dropped to 37%, and the humidity of the use of the innovative waterproof breathable cap dropped to 23%.

Technical Solution

What are the main applications of waterproof and breathable automotive vent cap?
At present, it is mainly used in automotive parts, outdoor lighting, communication equipment and other fields.

How to choose waterproof breathable automotive vent cap correctly?
The selection of waterproof breathable vent cap is related to the use direction, working temperature, installation size, ventilation requirements, protection requirements, etc. Please consult the sales staff of the company specifically.

What is the air permeability of waterproof breathable automotive vent cap?
The air permeability is determined by the material of waterproof breathable vent membrane, the effective ventilation area and the difference between inside and outside pressure.

What are the requirements for installation of waterproof breathable automotive vent caps?
Waterproof vent caps are usually installed on the outer side of the shell and require a flat vertical surface where water or other dirt cannot gather.

How to test the performance of waterproof breathable automotive vent cap?
Waterproof and air permeability performance have professional equipment testing, simple testing methods can consult company sales staff.

Protection & application




Installation & instructions

How to install waterproof breathable automotive vent cap:

- choose the correct waterproof and breathable vent cap size according to the outside diameter of the lamp socket.

- do not allow too long vent holes for lamps and lanterns to prevent waterproof and breathable membranes from puncture holes.

The inner core of waterproof and breathable cap aligns the air hole of the lamp, and the external cover is properly pressed.

- waterproof breathable vent cap core is inserted into the vent to ensure that it is not too loose or too tight.

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